Of General Interest

As long term residents of Marbella, we can share a wealth of useful and interesting information. Much can be learned from the experience of others, whether Spanish born or foreign residents, who have made a home in Marbella.

Of General Interest

The people of Marbella are welcoming and friendly. The Local government is very supportive of the foreign community. The Foreigners Department of the Marbella Town Hall is a great resource for information and help. http://www.marbellaexclusive.com/en/international-residents-community.html

The International Residents Office, a part of the Tourism and Foreigners Council, has a wealth of information for you. You can contact them by email at international.residents@marbella.es

Visit their new website:   MarbellaAzul.com for “Everything you need to know about Marbella, and Everything you need to help you enjoy the Marbella experience”.

A timely guide to Where to Go and What is Going On.

Marbella Tourism office: : http://www.andalucia.com/marbella/touristoffice.htm

Recreation Guide for families: http://www.marbellafamilyfun.com/

As residents of Marbella Sierra Blanca, we like being within walking distance to the beach. In 20-30 minutes, we can be strolling on the beach boulevard, having a cool drink, or a nice dinner. We can then walk back home under one of those spectacular full moons that light up the Marbella night sky.

We love exploring the mountain trails behind us. Paths that take you right into the heart of “La Concha” mountain, for an hour or for a day; you walk back home surrounded by the aroma of wild thyme and rosemary.

We treasure the privacy, the security, the peace and quiet of our community.

We enjoy being so close to Marbella town center, to shops and movie theaters, to fun spots, restaurants, casinos, sports clubs, and the relaxed elegance of Puerto Banus.